Why y'all will like us...

1. This church was formed by God's divine intervention.

2. We seek to worship God and experience a true spiritual connection with Him through Jesus Christ.

3. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that we can do all things in Christ Jesus.

4. We embrace and welcome people of all ethnic backgrounds.

5. Leaders are servants and each individual in the church serves as a minister to others.

6. We are passionate about the work of the Lord in helping those who are searching, hurting or needing a life change.

7. The sermon is Bible-based and can be applied to daily living.

8. We extend our fellowship to individuals in their homes where prayers, encouragement and instructions become part of the ministry.

9. We equip our people to do the work of ministry through training in following, serving and sharing Christ.

10.We serve lunch immediately after Sunday Worship Service in order to foster closer relationship with one another.