FAAC Photos: 

Valentines Message "Love Language"


Couple's Game





Ladies Dance Number


Couple's Dance


After party photo




Intercultural Christmas Fellowship


Couples' Musical Game


Children's Exchange Gifts



Children's Christmas Musical

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"CAKE" Christmas Acts of Kindness Experiment

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FAAC Children's Choir 


Children's Violin Presentation

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Ladies Dance Presentation


Ladies Dance Presentaion

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Christmas Dinner Reception


Dinner Fellowship



Dinner Fellowship


Thanksgiving Children's Presentation


Thanksgiving Meal with Ladies Ministry


Thanksgiving Celebration



Fall Festival - Oct 31


Bounce House Play


Fun & Food Time





Children's Outreach - Sep 29


Praying for the people at Senior Care Home


Heart Prepation of Children


FAAC & ANAC Joint Picnic - Sep 3


Adults Game Time


Children's Game Time




Church Family Camp 2019


Worship Time at camp


Activity Time at camp




Meal Time


Activity Time




VBS Day 1


VBS Day 2


VBS Day 3



VBS Day 4

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VBS Day 5


Day 5 Graduation



 Father's Day 2019


Father's Day Message


Children's Presentation for Dads


Ladies Ministry Presentation for Dads


Mother's Day 2019

FAAC Ladies


Children's Ministry Presentation


Men's Ministry Presentation



FAAC 17th Anniversary 2019












EASTER Celebration 2019










Ray An Fuentes Concert

A Musical Evening with Ray An Fuentes

"The Heart of Worship" Seminar by Ray An Fuentes 

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