Get connected through our small groups during the week.

Cell Group in Grand Prairie, 7:30 pm with Bro. Lyndon Mendoza (917-607-9828)
College and Career Small Group Meeting, 6:00 pm with Bro. Aaron Alagar (214-926-6435) 


Bible Study Group at FAAC Fellowship Hall, 11:30 am with Pr. Dave Macomber (903-910-9132)

Youth Meeting 7:30 pm with Pr. Jeru Francia (817-701-5454) 


Central Arlington at 7:30 PM with Bro. Nitoy Imus (817-721-6571)
Joe Pool Lake area at 8:00 PM with Bro. Ave Alagar (817-706-3407)
Hurst, Euless & Bedford area at 7:00 PM with Bro. Percy Francia (817-701-5452)

Men's and Ladies Breakfast Fellowship every first Saturday of the month.

Men's Ministry - Bro. Nitoy Imus (817-721-6571) 
Ladies' Ministry - Sis. Theresa Surel (214-385-1728)